Auto Level AT-B2


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  • Made in Japan (ISO 9001,ISO 14001)
  • Assemble In China
  • Accuracy 1km Double run level - 0.7mm


Telescope : dry nitrogen gas is sealed in the telescope tube which prevents lens clouding and moisture condensation.

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ကပေါတ်သွံလဝ်နုဆေၚ်ဝွံ ရာန်လဝ်တုဲ ပရေၚ်ရေၚ်တၠုၚ်အခေါၚ်က္လေၚ်လှာဲ ကေုာံက္လေၚ်သြန်တံဂှ်ဟွံက္လိဂွံရ။
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